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You are here because you are one of the fortunate, exclusive, and privileged few to be invited to see the summer adventure Lisa and I shared this past summer, an epic adventure across the American west. Or, possibly your just stumbled across this page. No matter, enjoy!

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Our little camper holding its own like a Chihuahua against Great Danes, Sheridan, WY

A promise spans overhead from our camp site, Deadwood, SD

Our little set up for relaxation, Deadwood, SD

Lisa putting the carvings to shame, I'm behind the camera as it should be

Our Founding Fathers brought to you by Coke, South Dakota

George and friends overlook Disneyland, South Dakota

They're looking good in the emerging sun light, Mount Rushmore, SD

The Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Hills, SD

Crazy Horse, the proposed and existing, SD

The Crazy Horse compound proposed, SD

A saloon in Deadwood, SD

Street walking in Deadwood, SD

Watching movies, just before the storm hit, Deadwood, SD

They call this town Scenic? Nice try. (SD)

Scenic, South Dakota

Heading south on the Big Foot Trail, SD

A church on B.I.A. Hwy 27, SD

A stop at St. Julia's Episcopal Church in Porcupine, SD

A look out at the 200 year old bell at St. Julia's

A new cross atop the hill above the church

The young men who placed the new cross

Ladies at the cemetery honoring the American Indians from this area

St. Julia's Episcopal Church, Porcupine, SD

Church stripping, scraping, and painting at St. Julia's

Church stripping, scraping, and painting at St. Julia's
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Below: Lisa's travel blog.
Also GPS data, for all you nerds.

Our campsite at Whistler Gulch, Deadwood, SD
Saturday 6th
Slept in a little and then headed out to Mt Rushmore, stopped first to check on a bulb for the tail light that was out but the RV store was closed. Stopped first in Keystone and had lunch. The drive was so pretty and amazing as we rounded a corner to see the presidents heads carved in stone. As we approached the monument it began to rain on and off and continued to do that the entire time we were at the monument. In the parking garage as we left there was the most incredible burst of lighting I've heard the entire time on this road trip. After that we headed to Crazy Horse. Unbelievable how big they are intending to make this monument when it is finished. Tony brought home a piece of rock from the mountain. Back at camp we BBQ hamburgers and sat by the fire and played numerous rounds of "7 little words" on my iPad. Tony is now addicted to the game.
Sunday 7th
After pancakes and a nice relaxing morning we headed into the town of Deadwood SD to look around. Tony put on his new cowboy boots so he would fit in like the locals. It was an interesting town full of history. Strolled up and down main street shopping and enjoying a snack and beer at Saloon #10, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. Actually, it was not the "real" saloon, that was a block down the street, but the chair he was shot in was on display. Toured the Deadwood museum. Always so amazing to read the about our US history in places like this. Makes a timeline of history come alive. Early in the day I had put $5 in a slot machine and promptly lost it. On our way back to the campsite, we put another $5 in and Tony won $10 with three pulls on the machine. We won our money back and didn't to press out luck so we cashed out. Back at the campsite we sat by our little trailer and read and relaxed knowing we had a long three days of driving ahead of us as we turned for home Monday. Just before turning it we set up the projector to watch a movie on the side of the trailer. We chose "City Slickers" thinking that was appropriate for our trip. I popped some Jiffy Pop and we started the movie. Half way through the movie the wind picked up and lightening began. Tony moved the projector under the umbrella to wait it out. In a few minutes the rain stopped and we continued the movie. It held off until 5 minutes after cleaning up at the end of the movie and continued to rain, lightning and thunder for the rest of the night.
The location of the small church on Hwy 27
The St. Julia Cemetery, Porcupine, SD