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You are here because you are one of the fortunate, exclusive, and privileged few to be invited to see the summer adventure Lisa and I shared this past summer, an epic adventure across the American west. Or, possibly your just stumbled across this page. No matter, enjoy!

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A beautiful river at sundown, Yellowstone, WY

The colors are amazing, Yellowstone, WY

A geyser, Yellowstone, WY

In primitive camping, a percolator is key

I make a wicked cup of percolated coffee

I'll miss ol' Buffalo Bill, Cody, YW

When men were men (now history), Cody, WY

A school room when you could hit a smart-alecky student (oh, the nostalgia), Cody, WY

I want a horse and a Colt-45 (you'll need your health care now), Cody, WY

Looking back in time, Cody, WY

A thousand miles from nowhere

On the road again, Wyoming

I can smell Sturgis from here, Wyoming

A great route to take to Devil's Tower, WY

Through the mountains, WY

Great day for a drive, Wyoming

Letting the Jeep cool down after quite a set of switchbacks

Dinner in Sheridan with a large reptile, WY

It's like a swap meet in this restaurant, Sheridan, WY

Our peppy little guppy next to a lumbering whale (use much gas?), Sheridan, WY on the 4th of July

Vandals in a Starbucks, Sheridan, WY

I graffiti'ed as well (spot my initials?), Sheridan, WY

This land is your land...

Wow, Wyoming

Approaching the Devil's Tower, Wyoming

The Devil's Tower pantomiming a Volcano, Wyoming

It started to pour as the thunder clapped, and while everyone else was running for the gift shop, we found an empty teepee. Thank you first nations. Devil's Tower, Wyoming
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Below: Lisa's travel blog.
Also GPS data, for all you nerds.

Thursday 4th
Woke up and Tony made coffee percolated in the pot on the stove. He had wanted to use the percolated coffee pot since we had begun the trip. We sat out next to our trailer and enjoyed the view of the mountains of Wyoming. Coffee was actually pretty good. Then packed up and headed into Cody. Our plan was to find a campsite and stay there for the fireworks but on the way in we changed the plan and decided to head on to Sheridan, WY. Hoping we would see fireworks there. On our way through Cody to Sheridan we found an old western town museum. The buildings were original buildings found throughout the area and moved to this site to recreate an old western town. Some of the buildings included a house where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid held up and a saloon they frequented. Very interesting look at a time in our history. Then it was on to Sheridan. The drive was beautiful. Stopped a few times to take photos of canyons, valleys and waterfalls. Just as we were coming to Sheridan we ran into a nice rain/thunderstorm. At least it washed off some of the many bugs now attached to our jeep and trailer. The moose on the side of the road playing in the mud was an interesting site to see. It continued to rain on and off as we hit Sheridan and found a nice place to camp for the evening. Tony had to set up in the rain. My job is to register at the campsite and get the trailer all set up inside. I kinda like that arrangement. After getting settled in we headed into town to get some groceries and find a place to eat. Found a nice pub ate a great salad. It was 9:30 when we finished and the rain had stopped so we decided to head out to where they fireworks were going to be. Driving there we were amazed at how no one was on the road and then we hit a line up of cars parked alongside of the road. We pulled over and waited. At 10:00 the fireworks started and went for 30 minutes. Longest fireworks show I had ever seen. So long that Tony had to take a bathroom break right in the middle of it. And not bathrooms in site but that didn't stop him. As we watched the weather turned on us. The temperature had to have dropped 10 degrees in that half hour. The wind picked up and it began to rain. After saying at least 6 times "this must be the finale" it finally was 30 minutes later.
The "Old Trail Town" near Cody, WY
On our way to Devil's Tower, WY
On our way to Devil's Tower, WY
Friday 5th
Woke up and thought it must be 8:00 with the sun shining in the trailer but it was only 6:50 The sun in these here parts doesn't stay hidden for long. It stays up late and gets up early. Packed up and headed into Sheridan to the first Starbucks we had seen in a long time. Then went downtown to find our Wyoming Christmas Ornament. We did find that and found boots for Tony. Stetson's at an amazing sale. Not too often you can say you got cowboy boots from Sheridan Wyoming. Headed to Devils Tower next. An interesting legend with this amazing piece of rock that shoots up from the ground 1,000 feet. Before getting to the base of the tower we came across a prairie full of none other than prairie dogs. Those are the cutest little animals and so tame but I read that they bite so we kept our distance after taking a few photos. As we were walking up to the base of the Devils Tower it began to rain. Thinking it may be short lived we continued to walk but then soon realized it was not going to stop and those dark clouds were about to open up on us. We headed back to the Visitor Center and spotted a teepee. We ducked inside that an waited out the rain. Thunder and rain in a teepee in northern Wyoming. Very fun. After it stopped we headed back to the jeep the sky didn't look like it was done and we were right. 5 minutes after getting on the road it began to hail. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in 20 minutes. The trailer handled the hail like a pro, but the bugs we were carrying were fast disappearing off the jeep and trailer. On our way to Deadwood South Dakota. Found our campsite. Our spot was nestled up against a hillside with trees. It rained twice while setting up but we soon had a cozy site ready for the next three days of camping. Chairs and table were set up under the umbrella and the lantern hanging on our shepherds crook. I cooked spam and beans for dinner a meal fit for a camping cowboy and then we sat around the fire, read and drank our Moscato.