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You are here because you are one of the fortunate, exclusive, and privileged few to be invited to see the summer adventure Lisa and I shared this past summer, an epic adventure across the American west. Or, possibly your just stumbled across this page. No matter, enjoy!


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The command vehicle prior to the attachment of the living quarters

Hooked and ready to go (note the pre-lawned yard, that was was to come later that summer)

The formal dining room

Our well equipped kitchen with gas range

Our bedroom/entry way/kitchen

The first stop on any road trip: McDonalds for a sausage McMuffin

On El Camino Real, north of Oceanside

Making sure my iPhone was at the proper pressure

A stop at dad's in Taft, CA

You may not recognize this, but if you have ever seen "Five East Pieces," this is the old bowling alley in that movie

Our view on the 5, for about 4 hours

Our first camp site, also known as a rest stop off the 5

Free camping at a rest stop, don't mind the freeway noise

I was a bit worried about splinters

Ahh... the green of the pacific northwest, Champoeg, OR

Got my chips and a view, happy

I'm hard a work setting up while Lisa is quality control

I'm rewarded with great coffee and pancakes, yum

Our first restaurant in Cannon Beach, OR

More chips and gas (and some salt-water taffy)

Our campsite in Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach, OR

Beautiful weather on the Pacific, Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach, OR


Lisa after our fire-wood run

Lisa photo of the beach while Mark and I drug my Mamiya to the surf

The entrance to the beach, Cannon Beach, OR

A beautiful stroll on the beach (dragging along the Mamiya)

A real nice end to the day
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Below: Lisa's travel blog.
Also GPS data, for all you nerds.

Monday 24th
Left El Cajon. Made out first stop at McDonalds on 2nd street. Checked the trailer just to make sure everything faired well on that short 1/4 mile trip. Got our usual breakfast at McDonald's and hit the road. Headed straight to Taft. Arrived in Taft that afternoon. Spent time with family. Went out for chicken.
Our first rest-stop just north of Oceanside
Dad's house in Taft, CA
A lot has changed since "Five Easy Pieces" came out
Our stretch of the 5 from space
Tuesday 25th
Bought donuts for Dad then went out looking for those few things we had forgotten to pack, bike lock, fan, extra trailer keys. Picked up a pizza at the Pizza Factory and headed north after lunch. Drove just south of Redding and stopped in a rest area for the night. Attempted to stop with the trucks but soon realized that it would be too loud. Thinking that heading to the car parking would be an easy thing we soon found out that we were headed back to the freeway and had to back up to the car parking. With a few zig-zags we were settled in 4 parking spaces and brushing our teeth over the rock wall next to the trailer.
Our first camp site (next to big rigs)
Wednesday 26th
Up early and continued on the journey to Cannon Beach. Made it as far as Champoeg, just south of Portland. Beautiful small little campground. Our first real camping site with the trailer. Didn't take long until we were settled in and on a bike ride along the river. Bikes were going to be a fun thing to have for the trip.
Thursday 27th
Tried out the stove for the first time in the trailer and made pancakes and Starbucks coffee, then we were finally on our way to our destination, Cannon Beach. Packing up for the most part was easy and not as time consuming as expected. Arrived around 2:00 and made camp. It was another beautiful campground. A little bit of drizzle when we arrived but that soon stopped. Went to town to eat. Came back and settled in and visited.
On the Oregon coast
Our Cannon Beach camp site
On the beach at Cannon Beach, OR
Friday 28th
Slept in, made some more pancakes and then headed to town to shop around. Made a stop at the local Urgent Care for Mom since she was fighting what turned out to be a bronchial infection. Got meds and headed back to camp and played a few rounds of Rumikube. Then took a bike ride into town and picked up a few movies. Had dinner and then set up the movie theater. We had packed our computers and a projector that Patty had loaned us and I had made a screen that would hang on the trailer. After the long wait until dark, 9:00pm we watched "Oz the Great and Powerful" on a 54 inch screen hanging off the back of the trailer. So much fun to do that. Mark popped some great popcorn and we enjoyed the movie, always wondering if we were too loud for the very quiet campground we were staying at.
Saturday 29th
Went into town that morning to watch the local glass blower. He had been blowing glass there for the past 42 years. His wife was making a vase when we were there she had been blowing glass for 20 years. It was amazing to watch the process. The pieces were beautiful but well out of my price range. Back at camp I decided I had not had enough coffee so we went back into town to have coffee at a little coffee house and art studio. Beautiful day to sit in the warm sun and enjoy the time relaxing. Then it was on to a few heated rounds of "Mexican Train". I can be a little competitive if I want to be. But it paid off, 6 games later the score was me 3 wins, Tony 2, and Mom 1. Another bike ride to the local Cannon Beach museum. Always interesting to see the history of a place. And more interesting to put yourself in the time line of that history realizing you had lived during a period of history now displayed in a museum. A quick glance in the gift shop at the museum and Tony spotted books only to find out that all the books were $1. He was in book heaven. But I the "wallet wife" didn't have any cash with her. Not to worry they would hold the books until we came back the next day, so the search for that hidden treasure in a book continued. I even found a book for Dad, "Dogs in Combat". Back to camp, dinner, chicken and pizza, pay bills online, then we headed out to take pictures of the sunset. Tripod and all. Thank goodness Mark was assigned the photo assistant job. He had to carry the gear and I could experiment with my iPhone camera and Instagram.