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Le Journal de la Photograpie

LJP selected one of my images for their Holiday Photos, but they got the texts mixed up. So, for those of you who were wondering what I was thinking when I titled the photo, look at my photos below for the correct image/title matches. Note: These are all iPhone photos posted on Instagram and edited (mostly) with Snapseed and Whitagram.

We found the Center of the Universe. Wallace, ID.


A little beach ball, lost. Wallace, ID.


Escaping a thunderstorm and downpour at Devil's Tower, WY.


Entering the Badlands, SD.


Escaping a haboob west of Phoenix, AZ.


Please follow me on Instagram @amorteguy where you can view some of my roadtrip music video vines. The images below are linked to my Flickr page to see larger versions of the photos.

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Le Journal de la Photographie
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Sadly, Le Journal has disbanded.