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This site is for my personal information. However, you may know me in another aspect and therefore want to connect with that information.

Click for memorial information about my father, Fernando Amorteguy


Photography has been a passion of mine since childhood, but I drifted in and out of the discipline as a career as I devoted time to working with youth and as an educator. My return to full time photography and videography has been exceptionally rewarding. Some of these experiences are presented here.

le journal de la photographie

LJP selected one of my images for their Holiday Photos, but they got the texts mixed up. So, for those of you who were wondering what I was thinking when I titled the photo, look at my Le Journal page linked below for the correct image/title matches. Note: These are all iPhone photos posted on Instagram and edited (mostly) with Snapseed and Whitagram.

Please follow me on Instagram @amorteguy where you can view some of my roadtrip music video vines. The images below are linked to my Flickr page to see larger versions of the photos.

our summer travels: our christmas card

You can follow us on our summer travels this year on this page: Summer 2013. Enjoy!

personal twitter feed

See my Twitter page for my awesome and inspiring tweets.

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